[Audio] Bryson Tiller ft. King Vory- “Break Bread” (no sleep Remix)


After a 2 month hiatus, Pittsburgh based producer no sleep is back with a fresh new remix in the form of “Break Bread” by Bryson Tiller, & King Vory. Both Bryson, & Vory are from Louisville, Kentucky and dropped the original version of this track 3 months ago over a piano inspired beat. In terms of the remix, no sleep brings the groove, and set’s the tone for this remix as a chill hip-hop track with an upbeat feel that’s heavy on it’s melodic features.

As the track begins, the listener can immediately notice the care put into the production courtesy of no sleep, the minimal elements used in the introduction results in each aspect of the beat having a very specific and important function to add to the overall feel of the track. It is quite apparent that no sleep not only knows what he’s doing, but he’s putting care into his work, and polishing his art. Before long Bryson Tiller jumps on the track with his smooth vocals for a catchy hook, followed by an expertly done verse that’s more on the quick side and boasts a strong focus on melody. Following, the listener gets to enjoy a brief focus on the production, and this is where you can really take in how well this track is produced. It’s easy to forget that this isn’t the original version, based on how well the whole package flows, and compliments each other. Last up on the track is King Vory whom displays his flow, as well as lyrical skill by spitting a verse filled with bars to capture the listeners ears. The two definitely have a grasp on the melody aspect of music, and you can feel the confidence they hold when spitting.The track closes out with the hook, which is always welcomed, followed by another focus on the expert production which will be when you realize you’ve been grooving to the entire track since 0:01.

Personally I love no sleep, he could very well be in my top producers list if he released tracks a little more often, (but quality over quantity) though when he does, it feels like Christmas morning. In terms of Bryson Tiller, & King Vory, they perform excellently on the track, and I’m really interested in what they come out with next. All eyes will be on these three for the next while after dropping this huge remix to an already great track, and it’s easy to see that these artists have a bright future. Are you feeling the original, the remix, or both? Let us know in the comments.