[Video] Los Poetas- “Silencios” (Dir: Alex Narvaez)

los poetas

LouwopChé Uno, & Vago, or “Los Poetas” as they often go by are a trio of artists hailing from Toronto, and Vancouver, by way of El Salvador, Chile, as well as Argentina. They are coming in red hot with the visual for their newest release “Silencios“, directed by Alex Narvaez, from their album “Los Poetas”. Through the utilization of “Spanglish” (a mixture of English & Spanish), the three are able to incorporate two different worlds into their art like no other, and can effectively bridge the gap between the America’s and beyond. Bringing the Latino experience to the forefront of hip-hop, speaking on the injustices and struggles that have existed in their homeland , and preserving their Latin roots are factors that have kept the trio going.

Los Poetas, are skilled in the art of Boom Bap, and represent the voice of the youth unheard. The visuals take place during the trio’s trip to Guatemala this past February, with breathtaking views that fit right in with the feel of the song. As for the track itself you immediately notice the groups use of “Spanglish” over the head nodding instrumental courtesy of Vado. The group places some focus on the production throughout the track, before jumping back in with another really dope English/Spanish verse.

Personally, I believe there’s something automatically impressive with non-English hip-hop. Maybe it’s because I’m solely an English speaker, but the process of creating a song such as this while taking into account the translations, and still ensuring it has it’s fair share of rhymes will always be something I respect quite a bit. What are your thoughts? Can you get down with non-English hip-hop? Or maybe you like it better? Let us know in the comments section.