[Audio] Jahkoy – All The Things You Do


Jahkoy’s upcoming EP Temptations┬áis receiving more and more hype these days. The releases or unofficial singles while we wait are the leading cause of the increased attention. Exceeding expectations, tracks like “Let It Be”, “Heart Smile”, and “Zonin” have shown his progress not only as a singer but also as a songwriter and has definitely helped shaped the sound of Temptations.

As we sit and wait for his next move Jahkoy quietly releases his first single “All The Things You Do” on Soundcloud. Bright, uptempo, and optimistic, the single is everything you want in a staple summer song. With Jahkoy’s soft, warm, and innocent vocals, the track gives an uplifting feeling as he cleverly brings you through his thoughts and desires. His signature love sick lyrics over the carefree jubilant instrumentals (adapted from R&B and House Music) have been truly inspiring to not only listen to, but because it has proven that aspiring artists should be encourage to create their own sound and differentiate themselves as much as they can. Jahkoy like his music has a bright future and with the new EP hopefully he’ll brighten yours.