[Video] Van Hill – “Gorillas Everywhere” [Dir: Jay Wills]



Coming off the release of his debut project Naked Museum, Van Hill provides visuals for his hard hitting track “Gorillas Everywhere”. Directed by Jay Wills, the video depicts Van Hill and his crew smoking and posing in a vacant parking lot at night. As the track breakdowns down, the scene switches up to an industrial landscape during the day.

The two locations and scenes contrast as if Van Hill is making a reference to the music industry. For Example, when experiencing success, the people around an artist or “Gorillas” as Van Hill states can be very black and white or night and day. Either they’re genuinely loyal or trying to extort, theres no middle ground. Also, it is clear that Van Hill and his crew are together, however most scenes of the video are shot of Van Hill alone, perhaps illustrating some distance between him and his closest confidants as well as expressing his confidence as an independent artist.

Whether it’s alone or with a crew, Van Hill has proven he has the creativity and vision to take his music to the next level.┬áHave your own opinion on the concept of the video? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.