[Video] Kings Dead- “So What” (Dir. Luca Repola)

kings dead
Kings Dead
, the Boston based hip-hop duo is back with their second single entitled “So What” from their upcoming album “Utopia Too“. Consisting of Sonny Shotz as the MC/Songwriter, and Alexander Mendoza who acts as the Producer/Film Scorer, Kings Dead is a heavily talented duo who is gearing up to change the game.

The group has been around for quite some time, starting out under the name “The Dean’s List” with longtime friend Mik Beats, and even enjoyed a few releases such as the acclaimed mixtape “The Drive In“, as well as “Generation X“. Before long, the trio parted ways with Mik, and went on to become The Kings Dead. Under this new moniker, the group aimed to change the direction of their music to something that aligned more so with their views.They soon released a few projects “Jerusalem“, “Revenge of The Beast“, & “Utopia” which garnered positive reaction from listeners & the industry alike, and even achieved 100,000 downloads respectively. Performing at over 50 colleges and universities throughout their career, Kings Dead has become one of the hottest college touring acts in the country. The two have also enjoyed a solo career, with Sonny offering up releases in the form of “Danel Exodus”, as well as American Summer, while Alexander Mendoza has released a production EP entitled “Libre”, and some standalone remixes such as his take on Post Malone‘s “White Iverson“.

The track begins with a smooth introduction to the beat, before Sonny Shotz jumps right in for his first verse. Sonny has a unique flow and ability to capture listeners through his lyrics, which is displayed the first time you hear his catchy hook. The ambient production by Alexander Mendoza is perfect for a track such as this as well, which places a focus on the lyrics, though even an untrained ear would be able to hear the multi-layered elements of the production that work together to complete the whole track. The visuals, directed by Luca Repola, focus on Sonny and Alex, and find the two talking to the camera (or listener) in the context of the song, a style that is often used, though displays a sense of polish, courtesy of the producer Itsbongoboy.

“The goal was to mesh the advancement of the technology all around us, the chaos of the world we live in, and the struggles of being human, all into one conceptual project.” – Kings Dead

“Utopia Too” is slated for a June 8th release date, and is the second (and final) addition to a concept project that works to send the listeners on a trip to the future in the first installment, Utopia. Taken from their official video for “So What”, “The soundscape of Utopia Too combines both past and future to create an overlapping sense of time. This final chapter takes the listener to a vulnerable place of honesty and self-awareness, that can only be truly brought to light once in Utopia.” Kings Dead is an immensely unique duo that prides themselves on staying in a separate lane than the competition, presenting a sense of refreshment that not too many artists can offer. Are you going to be checking out “Utopia Too” on June 8th? Let us know in the comments.