[Series] “Mixtape: An Unauthorized Biography” – Episode 1 (Dir. David Mewa)

“To me it was an extension of who I was as a person”

Take a look at the lost art of the Mixtape and how it fit into Hip-Hop culture in the David Mewa directed “Mixtape: An Unauthorized Biography“. In the first episode of this three part series, focus is placed on the introduction of the compact cassette tape in the mid 1960’s, to its notable rise in the early 1980’s. Presented by Scion Sessions, this biography is facilitated by various members of the music industry revealing personal stories, and theories about the infamous tape, including: Nadia Elkharadly (Senior Editor of Addicted Magazine), and Tom Power (Host of Radio 2 Morning on Radio 2, & Deep Roots on CBC Radio). As one of the worlds first portable music players, the mixtape became the original D.I.Y. tool for music lovers, with the power of personalization and creativity at hand (although limited to public offerings). Who would have thought that “the working man’s résumé” would eventually lead to everything that we know about music today, nearly four decades later. At only 4 minutes in length, this short biography is definitely worth a watch if you are a fan of music culture. Let us know what you think in the comments.

“It gave me the power to give myself a soundtrack”