[Audio] Allan Rayman- “The Bird & The Cage”


Buzzing crooner Allan Rayman has just released a new 11 minute auditory experience titled “The Bird & The Cage.” The release marks the official follow up to Allan’s critically acclaimed LP, Hotel Allan, which is blowing up the net right now. Centering around Allan’s obsession with his music and inability to break focus for a love struck fem fatale, “The Cage & The Bird,”serves as a continuation from the Hotel Allan story line, diving deeper into the complex relationship between the two.

With sounds built around hazy, dreamlike production Allan lulls the listeners deeper and deeper into his torment as the 11 minute piece progress. Accompanied with some chopped and screwed interludes between Allan and his demons, “The Bird & The Cage” sets us up for the next chapter of Allan’s musical journey, and gives us a sense of closure to the Hotel Allan LP. Allan has this uncanny ability to blend gripping story lines into his music, creating unique listening experiences that take you into the mind of its creator. From start to finish i guarantee you’ll be hooked to every note, harmony and beat this latest effort presents. If you haven’t had a chance to check out Hotel Allan, do yourself a favor and check it out. “The Bird & The Cage” is the first release from the upcoming Roadhouse Series; I’m excited to see what happens next. Be sure to share your thoughts with us, and show some love in the comment section below.