[Audio] Kehmak ft. Wayne Barker – “Break The Internet” (Prod. Culture)

When you’re talking talent and quality music – I mean, we all have our preferences but talent and quality can’t be copied. It’s something people are born with or practice to achieve. Kehmak is one of those names that come to mind when you’re talking about talented musicians. He doesn’t just rap, he makes music. Music that stands for something. Although he can be his comedic self from time to time.

After dropping “Revenge of the Nerds” not too long ago, Kehmak is gearing up to give us some brand new music this year and the first glimpse we get is “Break The Internet”. Standing as an anti-internet song, about how we all spend so much time worrying about what we post and how our pictures look that we forget to focus on the little things around us and the people who are in our lives daily.

With Culture on the boards, you can never go wrong either. Kehmak, along with Casper, Culture and TT Lo (collectively known as Treetop) make music that stands out among the masses. “Break The Internet” will show you just that.

Old Soul is due out this summer, and I couldn’t be more excited. Not being with the boys all the time back home makes it hard to hear some of the new music on the way. Ironically, it’s a great song for me to jump back on the posts too, having been on hiatus from digging for new music all the time spending endless hours on the internet. A good breathe of fresh air. It’s always needed for everyone, although never take a pause on your goals.

Take a listen to Kehmaks “Break The Internet” because I’ll bet you feel the same way sometimes.