[Audio] Irahnik- “Rule The World” (Prod. Stonedzoo)

After a month long hiatus, New Jersey based artist Irahnik is back with a hot new track “Rule The World“, produced by Stonedzoo. Irahnik aims for a motivational anthem on this one where his non stop bars flow over a chill neck snapping beat.

Irahnik, the co-founder of Aura Theory, has been on a slow, though steady stream of releases lately, dropping about one or two tracks per month over the last few months, including “Did You Really” produced by the impressive experimental producer Oshi, and “Sunset” produced by Weird Inside. “I, The Ultimate“, Irahnik’s debut album which was released about 8 months ago consists of 18 tracks, filled with a ton of talented producers such as Sabatabeats, Tyler Coolidge, and Orange Ooze.

“Rule The World” starts out with a brief focus on the faded out beat until the track takes a quick break and Irahnik gives it the go ahead. Immediately after, the beat takes more prominence, while Irahnik jumps in with his confident bars that capture the listener right off the bat. The chill production is done quite well, with numerous musical elements coming into play courtesy of Stonedzoo. The hook, sung by Irahnik consists of himself singing “I wanna rule the world”, the perfect chorus for any motivational anthem.

Ihranik’s flexibility is one of his key skills, being able to change up his content and feel as he see’s fit, song to song. After properly acquainting myself with Ihranik’s tracks, I’m quite intrigued on what this man is going to bring to the table in the future, but one things for sure, he is going to be involved in some big things.