[Audio] Falcons- “Aquafina” (Ft. GoldLink & Chaz French) (Prod. Falcons)

goldlink falcons chaz

A triple threat comes out of nowhere with Falcons, GoldLink, & Chaz French teaming up to create an energetic neck snapping tune entitled “Aquafina“. As Falcons first release after signing to Fool’s Gold Records “Aquafina” has all three artists bringing the heat on this eclectic track from Falcon’s upcoming Terra EP.

Falcons, a boiling put of styles, and genre-free influence is a producer and DJ from the buzzing LA based crew Athletixx, who is working to live up to his soaring namesake mixed with his buzzing live reputation (from Boiler Room sets, to Coachella). His musical tastes range from world music, to southern rap to everything in between. With a four track EP entitled Terra which is set to drop on July 17th, 2015, Falcons only rules are to push the boundaries of conventional r&b, rap, and electronic music, and exploring new directions though never loosing sight of the dancefloor.

DMV artist GoldLink has enjoyed a steady stream of buzz after his mixtape “God Complex” has been widely considered one of the best releases of 2014. Since then, GoldLink has achieved the honor of being on XXL’s Freshman List for 2015, among Fetty Wap, Vince Staples, and OG Maco, among others.

Chaz French, who has collaborated with GoldLink in the past, is repping Washington DC and is coming off of his debut album “Happy Belated“. In an interview with Complex, Chaz French had stated that in regards to the title of his album, “I feel like my music is my contribution or gift to share with the world, and it’s taken a lot of sacrifice, struggle, and time to get it out. No matter how long it took, I’m here to share the gift with the world. When you give somebody a gift later than it was expected, we say Happy Belated.”

In terms of “Aquafina” itself, the track begins with some impressive production from Falcons, effectively pulling the listener in and gearing up up for the rest of the track. Before long, the beat drops and immediately has you bopping your head and tapping your foot which is exactly when GoldLink jumps in with his infectious sound and undeniably catchy chorus. GoldLink can hold his own whether he’s handling a hook, or a verse and his versatility and skill is quite apparent on this one. Chaz French is next up, and hits us with his confident bars and lyrical content, where his clear sound completes the track, adding a pleasant contrast to the rest of the tune. To end off “Aquafina”, there is a focus on Falcons pristine production skills, until the track comes to a complete end.

Tonight marks the first time that this triple threat will perform “Aquafina” together at The Roxy in LA. GoldLink is currently in the middle of his headlining tour, with Falcons and Chaz French performing at select locations. GoldLink, Chaz, & Falcons will be sure to continue bringing earth shattering sounds all around the world. Will you be picking up Falcons Terra EP on July 17th? Let us know in the comments.