[Audio] Daye Jack- “Save My Soul” (Prod. Matthew Engst)


Say hello to Daye Jack, the NYU student turned artist hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, and his new track “Save My Soul” from his upcoming “Soul Glitch” EP. “Save My Soul” has Daye rapping some powerful bars over an electronically inspired production, courtesy of Matthew Engst.

Daye Jack had a bright future ahead of him in the world of soccer, though decided to leave it behind to create music, and study computer science, which has been working out quite well for himself. With a couple of releases under his belt, including his debut “Hello World”, Daye is ready to take it to the next level. His sound is a blend between soul, and hip-hop with a modern influence that sits in the era of experimental rap, and alternative R&B.

“Save My Soul” begins with an interesting use of samples to intrigue the listener, when before long, Daye Jack jumps in with his catchy hook. Next up has Daye tackling the chorus where he states the name of the track, with some focus on the pristine production brought to us by frequent collaborator Matthew Engst. Overall, “Save My Soul” is a really well done tune, from the lyrics and hook, to the production, which leaves the listener clicking that repeat button over and over.

Daye Jack is just about to drop his “Soul Glitch” release, which is slated for a June 30th release. With the ability to switch up his style at the blink of an eye, Daye has the unique talents required to please a wide variety of fans.