[Audio] Supa Slackas – “Brillance” [Prod: MKSB]

Compromised of Pro Era members Dyemond Lewis and Swank Master Raw, the Supa Slackas are a down to earth, expressive, and laid back duo. Passionate about raw authentic┬áhip hop, the two have released their third single together “Brillance”.

Produced by MKSB, the jazz influenced guitar loop and hard hitting kicks and high hats provide a perfect landscape for the Slackas smooth flows. Possibly inspired lyrics by recent socials controversies, Dyemond and Swank Master Raw rap about fair judgement, equal rights, spirituality, and the freedom of artistic expression and breakdown to give every listener relatable content.

With no word of any projects in the works, besides the affiliation with Pro Era, the Supa Slackas definitely have the potential to become a pivotal hip hop group in New York scene and are already gaining a cult following.