[Audio] Young Soju- “Dummy Darko Has A Keitai” (Prod. Orlando Gloom)


Young SOJU of the Ugly Gang is back at it with his latest release, “Dummy Darko Has A Keitai.” Known for keeping a low profile and an aura of mystery, this latest releases from Young Soju pulls inspiration from none other than the 2001 cult classic, Donnie Darko. For anyone who has seen this movie you already know that it’s a trip, which suits Soju’s style to a tee. Dropping some hypnotic bars over the Orlando Gloom produced beat Young Soju detaches himself from reality and emulates the role of Frank, the other worldly figure that visits Donnie throughout the film and causes him to do, as Soju puts it, “Weird shit.” “Dummy Darko Has A Keitai” is the first of four tracks that will be appearing on Young Soju’s FULLERTON EP, which will mark his first solo debut. Looking at Young Soju’s track record, every piece released is always different and unique; this emcee is always experimenting with new sounds and visuals making him one of the more interesting acts in the game. Working exclusively with his home team of Ugly Gang producers as well as Jason Brum of SMALL TOWN LUNGS, you can expect this upcoming Soju EP to be weird, exciting and above all else dope. Be sure to check the first release from the Fullerton EP, and show some love in the comment section below.