[Audio] Van Hill – “The Wild” [Prod. Tay Lewis]


M5E member and Smashmouth affiliate Van Hill, continues to gain momentum with another quality release “The Wild”. Dark, aggressive, and raw the Brampton rapper breakdowns the track “This song is about watching your own, because it gets wild in the the wild and nobody is vegan out here. Everybody’s after blood. Some people are squeamish, some people love the thrill. Me? I’m the guy behind it all on some Coriolanus Snow shit.”

A blunt yet accurate description of what artists encounter daily in the industry. Unexpectedly insightful, “The Wild” is just another promotional single, it’s a precautionary warning and cathartic expression of what he’s experienced as well as his plans to overcome and prevail.

Consistently providing high caliber instrumentals, Smashmouth producer Tay Lewis provides a dramatic, cynical, and cold blooded sound well suited for Van Hill’s lone wolf antagonistic attitude. Also, an impressive detail notable from the track is the audio engineering. Mixed and recorded by dF, “The Wild” is Van Hill’s best production yet. The clarity, balance of instrumentation, and the added distortion on vocals gives more of an edge and elevates the track to a new standard.

No word on any upcoming projects, Van Hill is staying driven and proving he can do it without a label as well as winning over the rest of the industry.