[Audio] Paris LuHv feat. Rayal, Vante & Princess – ” Legendary” (Prod. Roman Beatz)


They say that Hip Hop is a young mans game. From the style of the genre to the overall tone of the music, the youngin’s putting in work depict whats hot in the scene, and rally the rest of the hip hop heads behind them. You can feel the hunger in the bars of a young emcee as soon as the record begins; and when the young emcee has that momentum behind them, the sky is the limit. With all that being said, be sure to check out,“Legendary,” the first release from young gunners Paris LuHV, Rayal, Vante and Princess. “Legendary” is that classic hip hop coming of age narritive; that raw hip hop straight out of the basement ish.

The opening bars from Rayal,“Feeling legendary/ Feeling like the man already/ From a youngin mama told me I’m the best/ Now I walk around feeling extra blessed, Legendary” paint a vivid picture of a young emcees mentality, and sets the tone for this block anthem. Paris LuHv follows suit with this melodic hook that melts seamlessly into the hypnotic Roman Beatz produced instrumental. Vante sends us home on this one channeling that Young Migo’s flow followed by some harmonization from Princess on the hook. Whenever a group of like minded individuals such as these cats right here get together for a rap posse cut, it’s hard not to get hype from the energy. Hip Hop has always been a team sport- Paris LuHv, Rayal, Vante and Princess are a solid roster for sure.

“Legendary” is the first release of Paris LuHv’s debut mixtape rightfully named,Legendary. Be sure to check this track out and show some love in the comment section below.