[EP] Jimmy B – “Prince of The ‘Borough: Ch. 1 – The BRiCKZ”


After a year hiatus promoting his debut album L.O.R.D.S, Scarborough emcee Jimmy B is back with a new EP Prince Of The ‘Borough: Ch. 1 – The Brickz. Putting on for his district, Jimmy holds nothing back and produces seven hard hitting tracks. If you’re not familiar with the Toronto rapper, Jimmy B has been in the hip hop scene for awhile and has been touring across Canada with major artists like Mac Miller, Ab-Soul, Flatbush ZOMBiES, The Underachievers, and The Smoker’s Club Tour. Musically, he is known for his grittiness, aggressive attitude, confident style, and heavy instrumentals; with that being said his latest project is no exception.

Apparent Scarborough is the main theme, there is actually more to the concept; Jimmy explains, “The vision behind Prince Of The ‘Borough was to give an insight on Scarborough from my perspective. I want to bring to light my upbringing and surroundings so people can get a better sense of how Scarborough has shaped the individual I am. It is titled ‘Chapter 1’ because this is the first part of the story, an introduction to my side of town. Prince Of The ‘Borough signifies becoming the voice of the people. It represents our life and experiences in a way that nobody else can. It will forever be an Eastside Ting, Scarborough stand up.”

Dark, grungy, hostile, and energetic the multiple producers Tay Lewis, RGC, M Mac, Devontee, and Omari Jabrari provide a landscape that contrasts well with Jimmy’s raw relentless flows, high pitch vocals, catchy hooks, and sporadic ad-libs. Interesting discussions on day to day subjects, the lyrics are relatable, and surprisingly refreshing and wholesome.

Developing everything from his fashion to aspirations, Jimmy (with the help of the beatmakers) truly paints a picture of his experiences, lifestyle and what Scarborough has to offer.