[Exclusive] Frank Douglas Feat. AY, Flewn & Lex- “Long Distance” (Prod. Xavier Jordan)


The Come Up Show is proud to present, “Long Distance,” the first release off Frank Douglas highly anticipated mixtape 100. If you’ve been following the progression of Frank Douglas, you already know that the homie puts in work. With a slew of banging mixtapes to his name, Douglas is looking to shake the game up with this latest offering. Connecting with DMV representatives AY, Flewn and Lex along with Xavier Jordan on the beat,  it’s safe to say that “Long Distance” is the triumphant return of Mr.100. When you come out the gates with a tune as heavy as this joint right here, the heads out there are sure to take notice.

The Xaviver Jordan producers instrumental knocks you upside your head as The DMV boys hop on the tracks infectious hook. Frank is the first emcees on the beat, and lays down some bars that give the listeners some insight to the lifestyle Frank embraces; that big dog, fashion killer MAWlife ish. Frank is unapologetic on “Long Distance,” shedding some light on the cats out there who can’t keep it 100. When you truly are about that hiphop lifestyle, it’s upsetting to see lesser emceess viewing themselves as equals. With the influx of rappers in the game today the listeners out here are looking for authenticity, creativity and energy. When you check out his body of work, Frank Douglas and his crew have always brought next level music to the table…”Long Distance” is no different. This track right here embodies that luxurious lifestyle that results from years of hard work. If you’re in a lane of your own like Fank and company, the competition and haters simply can’t afford to make the roaming chargers.

Featuring artists such as Vatoz, Thoby G and Don Mulatto, it’s safe to say that Frank has gone the extra distance ensuring that The 100 mixtape will  be the next street classic. Frank Douglas does this hip hop thing for his his crew, his family and his daughter. If that’s not keeping it 100 then i don’t know what is. Be sure to check out the 100 mixtape first release, “Long Distance,” and keep it locked for more developments on the project. As always, show some love in the comment section below.