[Review] Kehlani: You Should Be Here Tour ft. Pell & Pluto July 10 @ The Mod Club

Kehlani YSBH Toronto 2015

It was 7:00 PM and doors were ready to open for rising R&B crooner, Kehlani‘s sold out You Should Be Here show. The line wrapped around the block as ecstatic fans waited to rush through the doors. A few last-minute fans tried to get tickets at the door for FOMO. Three great up-and-comers would perform that night. Upon entering the venue, a merch table was located at the entrance. “Tsunami” t-shirts and YSBH fitted caps were on sale. Fans could already be seen rocking their merch throughout the venue. DJ Lissa Monet spun some hits before the opener, Pluto was to perform. Typical crowd favourites such as Rihanna‘s “BBHHM” and  Drake‘s “Know Yourself” were on her playlist. The all ages crowd turned up to the music while a group of friends at the back had a dance off. Crowds surrounded them, taking Snapchat videos of the impromptu performance.


At 7:55, it was time for Toronto’s Pluto to take the stage. Having never heard his music before this show, his vocals were a pleasant surprise.  His performance included the trap banger, “East End of Things” and “Breathe” from his Jessica EP. Set highlights were the singer’s smooth falsettos and vocals. The set was well-received by the crowd, cheering every time he hit a high note. Pluto is another homegrown talent name on track to blow.  Kehlani YSBH Toronto 2015

Next up was New Orleans rapper/singer Pell. His recent G-Eazy featured hit, “Got It Like That” and “Runaway” were performed. Pell had a very soulful voice. His live set allowed his vocals to shine as better than his studio vocals. With no effects, they were raw and pure, reminiscent of John Legend. Throughout his set, he had the crowd shout “PELL YEAH!” a play on words of his name. Older material included songs from his  Floating While Dreaming project “The Never” “Eleven:11” “Fresh Produce” and “Ocean 2.0”. In the middle of the performance, he said “Who’s familiar with New Orleans!” before playing Juvenile’s Back That Azz Up for the crowd, asking them to recite the verses. This was one highlight of the performance, as girls in the crowd exemplified their twerking skills. Each song showcased Pell’s creative songwriting, making him a fitting opener for Kehlani.

Kehlani YSBH Toronto 2015

At 9:15, Lani Tsunami finally hit the stage wearing a sports bra and jeans, with her long weave flowing in the blowing air. To start, she  said “can I play a few tracks for y’all?” before spinning some Future tracks for the #FutureHive in the building. After spinning a few tracks, she began singing the title track of her critically acclaimed mixtape, “You Should Be Here”. Just the opening song told the audience that the night would be something special. From the beginning of the show, it was evident that Kehlani put her all into this performance. She sung with exuberance and strength as she breezed through her catalogue of music. Vocals were passionate in every song, and the audience really felt the emotion in her music through her performance. The entire show was a sing-along, as the audience knew the words to every song. The rest of her setlist included “The Way” featuring Chance The Rapper, “Jealous”, “Niggas” and more. Each song was accompanied by a dance routine from her two dancers. Before playing her remix of PartyNextDoor’s “Preach”, She shouted out the OVO crew, who were in the building. The highlight of Kehlani’s set was the powerful song “Bright”, encouraging young people to love who they are, without worrying about societal standards of beauty. Before beginning this song, she asked the audience “Who’s looked in a magazine and didn’t find anyone who looks like them? All that matters is that you look like yourself! There ain’t nobody like you!” In this soulful ballad, her soulful vocals shined. The studio version did not compare to the treat she belted for Toronto that night. After the ballad, she returned to her upbeat hits, performing a few more songs from You Should Be Here such as “Runnin” before the show ended.

Kehlani’s show was an incredible demonstration of her vocal talent, which definitely exceeded the crowd’s expectations. If you thought her studio songs were great, it’s a must that you attend her live show. Kehlani sings her heart out, and the energy remains at peak from beginning to end. Pell and Pluto were also nice support for the tour. As this tour name states You Should'(ve) Be(en) Here!