[Audio] Bane Feat. Milly Manson – “Be Okay” [Prod. Eestbound & Wondagurl]


Currently Brampton’s talent is surfacing at a rapid rate. The quality of production and songwriters are out doing almost every district in Toronto. Coming off the incredible hit track “Antidote” by Travis Scott and “81” by Sean Leon, Eestbound delivers yet another exceptional instrumental that features up and coming Brampton rapper Bane.

Affiliated with the popular youtube channel 4yall Entertainment and rapper Pryde, Bane has been known to create sinister, aggressive, grungy Trap music with an eerie vocals. “Be Okay” takes a different approach. Still staying true to his alternative sound, Bane progresses into a more melodic sound and embraces Eestbound’s 808 heavy production.

Vocally the Brampton rapper performed the flow with finesse and wasn’t afraid to experiment. Also, his high end voice was a perfect contrast to the low end instrumental. Another notable aspect about the track is the arrangement. From the transitions to the chorus, the structure is skillfully executed and elevates the track to the next level.

Overall this is some of the best music the two have created. Eestbound has been on fire as of late and very well could be the next superproducer out of Toronto. Also, look to hear more about Bane when his new project Paranoia comes out later this year.