[Video] Soopa Mooni Downz- “Feel So Good” (Dir. Reel Vision Media)

Say hello to Soopa Mooni Downz and his new upbeat summer banger “Feel So Good” from his upcoming album “Totem Poles“. Soopa brings us the audio and visual for this feel good track, with serene production from Jeremy Rocwell & LexiBanks.

Dominic Downton, the Kansas City born emcee that raps under the moniker Soopa Mooni Downz has been steadily crafting a sound for himself. With influences from his local upbringings in the city of fountains, he’s constantly aware of the unforgiving environment that surrounded him as a child, even into his early 20’s. From surviving trying times, to being homeless, Soopa has been through quite a bit for his young age, and now it’s time for him to share his story.

The visual, directed by Reel Vison Media starts out with some unique shots and effects, when Jeremy Rocwell & LexiBanks’ lighthearted production takes center stage. Before long Soopa’s smooth lyrics jump in which  immediately captures the listener attention. The ability to seamlessly transition from verse to catchy hook is one of Soopa’s strengths on this one, and with the good vibes on point, Soopa takes the W.

Soopa Mooni Downz is gearing up for his future release “Totem Poles” which should be dropping in the coming weeks. What do you think about Soopa’s sound? Let us know in the comments section.