[Audio] Derin Falana – “Interstellar” [Prod. Joey Castellani]


Derin Falana, previously known as the The Flan, has garnered a cult following. Releasing his debut project and one off singles, Derin has gained a lot of respect from his hometown Brampton and Toronto. The analogue, low-fi, conscious rap has separated him from the pack. His influences such as J. Cole and Drake are very evident in his music as well.

With a new name change, Derin Falana releases a new track “Interstellar”. Two minutes and thirty seconds of straight rap, the Brampton emcee vents his frustrations and proves why he should more than a local rap hero. A true technician, Derin displays his fast rising progression by incorporating more complex rhyme schemes and cathartic verses, while still keeping the arrangement and structure fairly simple.

Joey Castellani, a relatively unknown producer provides Derin with unorthodox hip hop instrumental. An analogue progressive off key sound flows well with his vocals and the chord progression switches up enough where is not repetitive yet allows Derin to keep a train thought and maintain momentum while rapping.

There’s very high hopes for Derin Falana and if continues his intense focus, increasing development, and work ethic he will no doubt be on his way to reaching the next level.