[Audio] Smino Feat. Jay2AintShit – “3M” [Prod. Monte Booker]


St. Louis, Missouri has yet to produce any new major rap artists in the past ten years. Interestingly enough, St. Louis has a rich musical history with strong roots in the Blues and Jazz. Two genres that have helped give birth to Hip Hop.

However the recent emergence of St. Louis rapper Smino could change everything. Born into a musical family, Smino Brown was almost destined to be in the business. Having being involved in music his entire life it was a natural progression for him to pursue a career in it.

Yet to release his full length project, Smino has created his name and buzz with a string of one off singles. Now with his debut around the corner, Smino has delivered his first official single “3M”. Produced by his sole collaborator Monte Booker, the track is a solid, well arranged, and high quality┬árap song that deserves the recognition it’s receiving. With a fusion of Future Beats, mainstream Trap, and constant hooks, “3M” keeps the listener interested for the entire duration.

Smino may be considered a new artist but he’s no amateur. The vocal performance, beat selection, and lyricism all prove he has longevity in the industry. In time where the industry is so over saturated, the artist must constantly keep the listener amused and “3M” provides that, with its array of multiple flows, energy, and incredibly hooky verses and choruses. For an introduction this is a home run and there’s no doubt a change for the St. Louis hip hop scene.