[Audio] Roy Wood$ – “Drama” Feat. Drake & “Get You Good”


Of all the buzz and talent coming out of Brampton right now, Roy Woods is easily on top. Recently signed to OVO, Woods has released two songs “Get You Good” and “Drama” featuring Drake. The two tracks have been well received and is now beginning to build an international fan base for the Brampton singer. Whether the OVO effect is true or not. Roy Woods is undoubtedly talented.

His innovative Michael Jackson flow, infectious choruses, and relatable lyricism, have all been Roy’s own creation. His artist development has only begun at OVO and from what is on these singles proves Roy has the high ceiling and an opportunity to reach superstardom. Quickly capitalizing on the worldwide attention OVO has been receiving as of late, Roy Woods is set to release his debut EP Exis July 31st.

No information on a track list or who may guest feature has been released, however it is safe to say it will be a consistent debut and possibly the successful start to OVO’s talent recruitment in Toronto.