[Album] A-Fos – “Clean Your Room Already”

A-Fos - Clean Your Room Already

The homie A-Fos (of A-Fos & The Rude Youth) just dropped the 14-track Clean Your Room Already, a pay-what-you-want debut solo project after the group’s Trying To Be Better. Crafted around a series of interludes focusing on relating to the world, relating to others, and surrendering to the present, the album follows A-Fos through an introverted struggle, wrestling with regret and unanswered questions, before leading to a revelation of acceptance and closure (that’s my best Freud impression, anyway).

It’s a London affair, with guest features from familiar names like Casper, Kehmak, and Kyle Kanevil, as well as others including Nathan Bain and Olivia Borkosky. A couple early favourites are “Don’t Slip” and “Spot of Grey” featuring Joel Denny, “Back in the Day” featuring Nathan Bain, and “Breathe” featuring Olivia Borkosky (and some fantastic production from Zlender). It’s a long time coming, too — I remember hearing snippets of the album around this time last year. It’s good to finally see it come to light, and in any case, it was worth the wait.

Listen to the album below.