Locksmith is back with a new video from his “Lofty Goals” album, this time he visualizes his track “Lessons” featuring Braden Blair. Lock is quite reflective on this track, treating his past as lessons for the future, an inspiring way for anyone to live.

The visual starts off with Lock on his own in some scenic situations, allowing him to reflect on life, in every way imaginable. I personally am a big fan of the imagery used in the visual directed by Jesse Ray Diamond. Not only does the scenic background showcase Lock’s outlook on his life and current career (“such a beautiful setting, life’s good, my music’s finally spreading”), but the long roads that can be seen in the background represent the seemingly endless path that Lock has had to take to get to where he is (and where he’s headed). The visuals also directly relate to the lyrics, with Braden Blair singing: “So long, so long, how do I stay so long? No matter what it takes hold on, no matter what it takes go on”, some truly inspiring words.

Lock is truly at the top of his game with “Lofty Goals”, and the visuals are no different. It is quite apparent that Lock is the type of artist that can really go far in Hip-Hop, and the world. It’s more than just being able to spit a dope bar (which he surely can), its more than just lyrical content (which Lock is not lacking), its the mindset, the focus, the consistency, a positive outlook, the ability to learn, the passion, and the work ethic. Lock’s going to be huge one day, and we’ll be by his side every step of the way.