[Video] Casper The Ghost- “Medicine” (Dir. Mat Blain)


Earlier this week, the homie Casper dropped one of his biggest videos to date. “Medicine,” the Mat Blain directed short, centers around drug abuse, a serious problem through out all communities and is especially prominent in Casper’s city. Casper shows us some vulnerability on this track, revealing how this epidemic has affected him and the ones he cares for most. The “Medicine”video finds Casper in a series of tough  situations, where he chooses to take the higher ground in hopes that those who are struggling with addiction can look to him and his movement for inspiration. It is a personal song to Cas, but there are many people out there who can relate.

Casper and Director Matt Blain met up several weeks ago to discuss working on a music video and there were several songs that Casper was initially going to show. The first song Casper played Mat was Medicine and immediately Matt felt a surge of inspiration. Without even hearing the other songs, they decided that “Medicine” was the song that they would shoot the music video for.The two collaborators agreed that at the end of the video, they wanted to provide people that are suffering from drug abuse with a message that would hopefully direct them towards help. You have to give it up for the emcees out there who spread positive vibes through their music- Good looking out Casper. Be sure to check this latest video out, and show some love in the comment section below.