[Audio] Sango – “Don’t Love You Like I Do” [Sango Right Hand Remix]


Since Beat Culture has grown into a prominent movement in North America, there have been a handful of producers that have really separated themselves from the pack. One in particular, is Seattle born Sango. Having made a name for himself with an array of eclectic instrumental mixtapes, Sango has worked his way to an undisclosed OVO contract. With Drake backing him, Sango has capitalized on their exclusive catalogue to create incredible remixes and edits.

Most recent, is a remix of an unreleased Drake track called “Right Hand”. Sango takes the already heavy sinister song and brings it to another level. Slowing down the pitch, emphasizing the synthesizer, adding sub bass, and bright high hats, Sango uses his signature sounds and techniques to give the month old track a fresh look.

Giving overplayed music a second life could be the reason why beat culture has risen from the underground. Accomplishing a good remix is rare skill that means a lot to avid music listeners and adds another invaluable attribute to the people behind the scenes that don’t get the recognition they deserve.