[Audio] Eric Dingus – “Ice 1”


It is always good to be open minded and discover new sounds and genres in music. With his unorthodox and unique style Houston, Texas native and OVO affiliate Eric Dingus, makes his debut on The Come Up Show blog. Known for his production on If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late and executive producing Jimmy Johnson’s mixtapes, Eric Dingus is building quite an impressive resume. His abstract arrangements, sounds, and erratic interest in different hip hop sub genres makes him one of the most compelling┬áproducers in the industry.

A good example is his most recent instrumental “Ice 1” which includes heavy influences of Trap, EDM, drum and bass, Industrial, and West Coast Hip Hop. This combination of sounds has allowed Eric to create his own recognizable production. The success of his constant experimentation, has given him an edge over average producers and a cult fan base that anticipates his next moves.

Not exactly sure what the enigmatic producer has next for us but for now get amped with “Ice 1”