With R&B at its height of popularity in Toronto and the GTA, there has been an emergence of talent to meet the demand. One particular new R&B artist that really stands out is K. Forest.  Born and raised in Brampton, Ontario, K. Forest has always had a passion for music. His love for the art pushed him to find his niche, and with enough searching he found it. 

During the course of this year, K. Forest spent month after month creating and perfecting his sound. Inspired by 80’s R&B, pop culture and overall aesthetic, INTROVERSION was the result. Polished, ethereal, and bright, K. Forest and his lone collaborator/producer/engineer dF delivered a product of compelling contrast.

Expressing deep emotion on a pessimistic theme of introspection while laying an upbeat, glossy, and cheerful foundation underneath. The combination of the two complimented his innocent and serene vocals, which can be found on the opening track “Prelude” and the following “Season Recline”.

Selecting four of his best tracks, INTROVERSION is a cathartic experience that educates you on K. Forest’s Ideologies and refined perspective of pop music.