[Audio] Aziz The Shake- “Go Hard” (Prod. Alexander Mendoza)

go hard
Aziz The Shake
, the Nashua, New Hampshire emcee who’s gearing up to change the game hits us with a new anthem entitled “Go Hard“. With production from Alexander Mendoza, “Go Hard” effectively merges the chemistry between hard hitting lyrics, and face punching production that will leave you wondering why/how you’ve been sleeping on these guys.

This isn’t the first time Aziz, and Alex have done a collaboration, which may explain their undeniable chemistry, with just one month ago releasing a track together entitled “30 Minutes” featuring the Gaithersburg, Maryland emcee C Dot Castro. Aziz has been back on his grind after a slight hiatus and we couldn’t be happier. His machine gun style quick time rap has been leaving us with our mouths wide open since the day we discovered this emcee. This isn’t the first time Alexander Mendoza has been featured on The Come Up Show, his beautiful remix of Post Malone‘s “White Iverson” made an appearance, as well as his work with Sonny Shotz, the other half of their hip-hop duo “Kings Dead“, formerly known as “The Dean’s List“. If you are a fan of the production in this track, it might not be a bad idea to check out Mendoza’s impressive production EP entitled “Libre” which was released in September of last year.

The second “Go Hard” begins it’s impossible to not notice the chemistry between Aziz’s unique sound, and Mendoza’s beautifully layered production. The beginning portion of the track is the most powerful due to the fact that the sound the two are bringing to the table is seldom heard. It is almost as though the two know what you want to hear, even before you do, scary. Before long, the bass drops over the catchy hook that will have just about anyone going their hardest singing, dancing, turning up, or whatever your into. After the first hook is when you get a taste of exactly how hard Aziz can go when he’s feeling the beat. When you reach the near end of the track, Aziz bows out after a pristine performance, and some focus on Mendoza’s production takes center stage. It’s at this point where you can truly take in how many elements and layers have gone into the production. Mendoza is no amateur, and this song is just one of the many tracks that proves it.

There’s no telling whether these two have a solid future together, but whether they chose to keep collaborating or not, this won’t be the last you’ll hear of the two. Aziz the Shake, and Alexander Mendoza are two of the lesser known gems in current music, but it’s just a matter of time before the world catches up, and allow these guys to be as big as they deserve.