[Audio] C Dot Castro- “Same Life” (Prod. OB)

same time
After a week long mystery countdown, C Dot Casto, the Gaithersburg, Maryland emcee reveals his new head banging track entitled “Same Life“. With production from OB, “Same Life” aims to be a hard hitting track which works to rile up the fans, and keep the haters quiet. Don’t over think, Castro is doing everything he likes, and your welcome to jump on board.

C Dot Castro entered the hip-hop game in ’09 alongside fellow Gaithersburg, Maryland emcee Logic. As longtime friends, Castro and Logic started rapping together, collabing multiple times for some of the craziest tracks, such as “Worldwide“, “Ballin‘”, and “Disgusting“, before touring together on the “Welcome to Forever” Tour, and the  “While You Wait” Tour, although Castro was absent from both Toronto dates. There’s been some rumors and evidence in the form of tweets that no longer exist that the two have parted ways, though the two party’s haven’t released anything official. C Dot Castro just came off the release of his debut mixtape “DOT“, which stands for Don’t Over Think, which was positively received, and contained a wide variety of tracks, from emotional, to hard hitting club anthems, to relaxing tunes. Considering Castro only has one mixtape under his belt, he has a very strong fan base, and unheard of talent to back it up.

“Same Life” starts off with a bang. Castro jumps in right as the beat drops with a catchy hook that’ll have the club going up, any day of the week. The eerie production courtesy of OB is bass heavy, and allows Castro to do his thing effortlessly. C Dot is known for his confident bars and undeniable flow that is ever so present in “Same Time”. It’s impossible to not bob your head to this one no matter where you are, whether you’re at the library, school, work, or the club, C Dot, and OB are welcome.

There’s no telling at the moment whether this track acts as a single for an upcoming piece of work, though there is no doubt that C Dot Castro is putting the work in, and reaping the benefits. Castro has one of the most consistently confident flows in the game, and it translates to the listener easily. As he has yet to make a trip to Toronto for a show, you can bet his fans are waiting patiently for that tour announcement. We’ll wait for as long as it takes Castro, because we know it’ll be worth the wait. Just Don’t Over Think.