Shad – “Long Fall”

Shad - Peace

It’s been quite the past couple months for Shad: a new full-time gig hosting CBC’s q, accompanied by a larger spotlight and greater scrutiny. Toss in a federal election, a move from the West Coast back to Toronto, and the milestone of 10 years since When This Is Over, and you’ve got a reflective Shad:

“It’s been a long fall/ Shorter days, but they still feeling long, all/ Day operating like I’m on call/ Long fall, long night, gimme the light like I’m Sean Paul/ Guess what the song’s called?/ It’s been a long fall!/ It’s beautiful when you watch, though/ Forgot how to walk slow/ Stop at the crossroads and choose well/ Let pops know…/ Look, Mom, I got a talk show!”

New music from the London-raised emcee is few and far between these days, so it’s a welcome pleasure to get a release like this one. As always, it’s worth the wait.

Listen to Shad’s “Long Fall” below.