Classified – “Noah’s Arc” ft. Saukrates

Classified’s back with a new album, Greatful, and along with it come the visuals to one of the album’s strongest offerings, “Noah’s Arc” — a sombre, contemplative piece about poverty, corruption, and all the world’s ills.

“I see the double-crossin’/ I see the people causing other people pain and problems/ Just to make a dollar off ’em/ I see society/ Rioting/ Violently/ Fighting for the peace/ Don’t they see the irony?/ We livin’ in a dirty world, and it needs to be refreshed/ So the rain keeps falling down to wash away the mess/ I’m blessed.”

This latest one from Classified got me wondering: is there a better, more consistent duo in Canadian hip-hop than Classified and Saukrates?

Check the catalogue: “Where Are You,” “Young Soul”, “Anything Goes,” and now “Noah’s Arc.” Not a bad run!

Peep the visuals (directed by Mat Barkley) and let us know your vote for best duos in Canadian hip-hop in the comments section.


Classified dropped a behind-the-album video on Facebook, offering more depth into Greatful – including how he got Snoop Dogg on “No Pressure.” Check it out.

Go behind the music, Classified talks about the album #Greatful, the process and his fans.

Posted by Classified on Sunday, January 24, 2016