SABA – “GPS” Ft. Chandlar


Up and coming Chicago artist Saba delivers another stunning new track “GPS”. Really defining the sound of Chicago, the young emcee combines Soul, Hip Hop, Trap, and Jazz to create a rich modern feel. Produced by Cam O’Bi ¬†and featuring Saba’s father Chandlar on background vocals harmonies, Saba releases his best track to date, expressing his excitement on the collaboration he tells FADER:

“I remember what it was like watching him in the studio, watching him produce and perform and stuff like that when I was younger and wanting to do that when I got older. It’s a very interesting relationship, I remember when I turned 18, I was in New Jersey with my brother Joseph Chilliams, and our Dad bought us studio time and just basically left us there for a week and wanted an entire project done by the end. Working with him on ‘GPS’ was no different, I feel like he’s always been one of those people continuously pushing me in the right direction musically.”

Having been relatively quiet in 2015, we are hoping this is a start for more music by Saba and a follow up project on the way.