Skitso Frenic – “Drug Love”

Our boy Skitso Frenic has just released a new set of visuals to “Drug Love” in celebration valentines day. Known for his comedic undertones, Skitso doesn’t disappoint as he teams up with director Az Heatley to deliver a product filled with metaphors, comedy and above all else dope hip hop.

Between Mary, Molly and Toni leading man Skitso has his hands full through out this short as we watch this bizarre love triangle play out. If I were Skitso, I’d be pitching this video to Dave Chapelle to get a full featured film; a Half Baked meets BASEketball kind of concept….ya know what I mean. Skitso is a great emcee and a hilarious dude on tape, two qualities that make him stand out in the rap game.

You gotta give it up for emees who push the envelope visually and give the fans content that’s memorable…Skitso is definitely one of those artists. “Drug Love” can be found on Skitso latest project, the Dr. Album. If you’re still feening for Skitso tunes, you can catch your boy on the road this year as he sets off for an Ontatio tour with Young Stitch and Casper the Ghost- Dates are still to be announced. In the mean time take this latest project in and as always show some love in the comment section below.