K. Forest – Forest Fire



Following up his debut EP INTROVERSIONK. Forest releases his sophomore full-length project titled Forest Fire. Compromised of thirteen tracks, the young Brampton artist presents his best work to date and holds nothing back. Reflecting on themes of lost love, desire, and social commentary, K. Forest cathartically expresses himself lyrically and vocally.

Gaining minor success from his EP and lone singles over the last six months, K. Forest started to become more ambitious and created a project that can be considered a successful combination of influence and originality. With songs like “O.M.M” (On My Mind), “What It Do”, and “Follow”, the sound is eclectic yet remains consistent with K. Forest’s personal quality and signature style. Producing a true solo effort, the project contains almost no features with exceptions of Pro Era’s CJ Fly featured on the track “Brown Eyes Noir” and fellow Brampton artist Jaiden on “Tippin”.

As a part of the progressing Toronto music scene, K. Forest and his sole collaborator and producer dF are ready to make their mark with the release of Forest Fire and continue to give the city more shine.