Toronto-based producer, Cxleb releases his LEAPSNBOUNDS EP. The 5 track project stems from an interesting concept; Cxleb crafted it based on the sonic interpretation of a dream he had. In each track he takes the listener on a journey through his mind.

leapsnbounds explan

“Sonar” is the beginning of the journey. Opening with roaring waves, reminiscent of the water in his dream, the track fittingly sets the tone of the EP. “Leaps” is high-energy and upbeat, featuring peppy synths, bass, drums and a guitar. The third track, “Bounds” is magnificently melodic, with a slapping bass. Throughout the rest of the project, a sonically diverse soundscape is kept, leaving the listener in a trance.

To read the full explanation of the concepts behind each track, you can head to his website.