Michael Christmas: My mom told me 3 things when I decided to become a rapper

michael christmas on the come up show

You’re 18 years old and you tell your mom that you are going to be a rapper full time. What would you imagine she would say? I had a huge blast sitting down with the Boston emcee a couple of weeks ago for his first headlining tour with Cousin Stizz. We went everywhere from his time in high school to his session with Asher Roth.

Here are a few of the topics we talked about in our conversation.

He shares with us his favourite memorable moment in Toronto that he will not forget for the rest of his life.
The high school chemistry teacher that let him record Exhibit C freestyles in his classroom closet.
Why he thinks everyday he is going to wake up in the eighth grade.
The concept of his album for What a Weird Day.
Why music is a mess in terms of genres and why it’s a perfect time to task risks.
His trippy story with Asher Roth and much more!
Listen to the full interview below and let me know what you think on twitter.

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