Derin Falana – “Hollywood”

Gearing up for the release of upcoming mixtape, Live From Rocky Mountain, Brampton emcee Derin Falana drops a set of epic visuals for his latest single, “Hollywood.” Falana cuts right to the chase on this one, bring a no holds barred approach to the flow when addressing the nay sayers and doubters out there, keeping all of his bars blunt and to the point. Rappers be sure to take notes when watching this joint…Derin Falana sets the bar pretty damn high.

Visually, Derin takes a minimalist approach with this video and is accompanied only by a smokey back drop and neon lights, keeping him the at the cameras center of attention, which is the way it should be. When we reach the end of the Byemarcel directed short, we’re panned out to see Falana’s audience, which consists of only three people. You can take this metaphors in a lot of different ways; I see it as a hungry emcee on the come up giving his all into his craft…not concerned about who is watching or what their opinion is. A true emcee does it for the love of hip hop culture, and after watching this video it’s clear to see where Derin stands. “Hollywood” is an anthem for all of the dreamers out there who aspire for greatness. This is the kind of joint you bump during your morning routine to set the tempo of the day to day grind.

They say that the road to Hollywood grinds good-intentioned souls into the pavement.Everybody wants to be famous, but not everyone is capable of putting in the work to do it. Falana accepts this challenge and I’m sure we’ll see his name among the greats in a matter of time. Be sure to peep “Hollywood” and witness a star in the making.