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Kavale: If you have a Plan B you already failed

kavale on the come up show

This week’s guest goes by the name of Kavale. Only being 24 years young, he talked rappers that inspired him when he was 8 years old from Lil Bow Wow to Ludacris. We also discussed his beliefs on why patience is a talent, what does he mean when he tells his fans to trust your journey and why if you already have a Plan B you’ve failed.

Kavale: Trust the journey
I don’t believe giving you 101 reasons on why you should listen to my music. The music describes the journey that I am on. I’m saying follow me and trust the journey from day one to wherever I’m going to be, God willing. Just press play and trust the journey you are going to be on. Follow me. I don’t believe in chasing hits. I want to give people moments. I want to share where I am at with you.

Kavale: If you have a Plan B you already failed
All chips are in. It’s all or nothing. If you have a Plan B you already failed. You already put the thought out there that Plan A might not work. I take risks. I haven’t went to college, this is really what I want to do and love doing. I feel like I have the talent to take me where I want to be. I have a lot at stake for sure. It’s not really a game to me. I take it really seriously. Everything has to make sacrifices, there’s a lot of relationships I had to sacrifice. That’s just how the game goes sometimes. Hopefully, it’s all for something better at the end of it all.

Kavale: Patience is a talent
It’s something you have to develop over time. You aren’t born with patience, I wasn’t always patient. I was itching to get on. I used to go on the internet and I actually paid for a booklet for A&R contacts. I called them and told them I’m an artist and I used to mail CD’s to A&R and record companies. They didn’t take me seriously until I realized that wasn’t the way to do it. If they want you they will find you. If you are dope they will find you. Let me start over and build it from ground zero and build an empire to where it’s really supposed to be. That’s where I became patience with it. When you rush that’s when things crumble. I always say patience is a talent.

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