Kaydee: You write the greatest music when you’re going through something

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Kaydee is our latest guest on The Come Up Show podcast, the Mississauga talks to us about his latest project in two years, Prelude. We started from Kaydee’s childhood, where he shares how his love for reading evolved into spoken word poetry and eventually to writing music. He also learned a valuable lesson about paperwork and why you should protect yourself with contracts. On the day we recorded this interview was Redway’s birthday and Kaydee shared what he meant to Mississauga and some personal stories from his interactions. There’s is so much more discussed in our interview listen below and let me know what you think.

The importance of contracts and paperwork!
People’s intentions might not be the same as yours. We were working with someone we thought we are on the same page after we recorded the project, he had different intentions and he wanted the project to be about him.

If I had to go through the situation again I would make sure my paperwork, paperwork, paperwork is right. Everything is documented and there’s proof. We just went on handshakes and my word and your word. When it came down to it, your word wasn’t your word and you want to say something else and how am I supposed to prove that what you are saying now isn’t what you said before. Paperwork is definitely key, it protects the relationship, it was a good working relationship at the time but it went down the drain because of ego.

It’s like my mind shines brighter in the darkness.
When you are going through the worst in your life. That’s when you write the greatest music.
It inspires you to dig a little deeper to create whatever you are searching for.
At the time I was going through a lot of situations, that’s when I found I was writing the best music ever. Music was coming to me, it was flowing naturally, I didn’t have to think about it.

On Redway.
Redway was Sauga, it his birthday today so happy birthday to the God Shane Redway. R.I.P.
Everything that is Toronto, the swag, that was Redway. It’s crazy because he lived so close to me, he lived right across the street. Even after he passed. I know people in his complex they used to tell me stories like “I remember 2am in the morning, I would come outside and see Redway in his car, smoking a joint, writing a song. Or I’d see him always writing, something regarding music”. They would always see him in the odd hours in the night, doing something with music. It’s just sad the way everything happened. There is a lot up and coming artists in Sauga that we’re definitely going to keep his name alive and never let anyone forget the name Shane Redway.

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