Derin Falana: Your path will not be the same as everybody else’s

derin falana on tcus artwork

Our latest guest is Derin Falana from Brampton, he recently released Live from Rocky Mountain, which was inspired by the book Where The Wild Things Are. We talked about his latest project, why he changed his name, and why he strongly believes you can really live life on your own terms.

I’m dedicating my life to prove to you that you can take the same leap that I’ve taken. You don’t have to live a life that somebody else wants you to live. You don’t have to work a job that you hate going to. You can really live life on your own terms. Derin Falana

Understand that your path will not be the same as everybody else’s.

Say you are a fan of an artist and you see their whole come up.
I feel like artists will try to follow that exact path but everybody is different. Your favourite artist can be someone in New York and you live in Brampton. It’s two different worlds. You can’t follow the same path to a T because you live in a different area.
If people understand your path isn’t going to be same as someone else, they will stop making comparisons.
Once you make comparisons you’re playing tricks on your mind. You can be destined for stardom but at the same age you might not be where your idol was. Create your own lane and your own story. Derin Falana

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