Blake Carrington: I went through all this f**king pain you think I’m going to give up right now?

Blake Carrington

I’m proud to present our guest for this weeks edition of The Come Up Show Podcast, Blake Carrington. He is an artist, father, and an inspiration. He is a man that has been through ups and the downs, he is pursuing his dream and there is no quitting. His album FAILURE is out now and it stands for Finding A Way In Loving Urself Reflects Excellence.

Make sure to check out the FAILURE package that includes an artbook, movie, album and a hat. I pulled an excerpt from our interview that I want you to read, I asked Blake why he doesn’t quit after all the struggle and the responsibility of raising two daughters, what keeps him going?

The main reason Blake Carrington is still here
I’m from a family where we don’t quit. My nanny Julie Gabriel passed in 2010 around Halloween when Jay Z tour was here. I used to visit her every day in the hospital. The more I kept going the sicker she got, she told me, “Whatever it is you want to do, do it, doesn’t matter how long it takes just do it”.

All my life, I’ve been around people who’ve quit. What keeps me going is my higher beliefs and the fact that I’m a father. I don’t want my daughters to come to me and say “Dad I have a dream” and say well good luck because it didn’t work for me but I hope it works for you.

What keeps me going honestly are the people who come to Canada and America from third world countries. They aren’t privileged, they don’t have everything but they come over here and do whatever it takes to live their goddamn dream. Whether it’s 8 of them living in the same house so they can all save up and they buy houses on the block and own businesses. If these people come from god knows where and make a place in this world, why the fuck, me being born here why am I not able to do that?

If I quit what does that make me? After all these years, sleeping and recording in my boy’s room and his Caribbean father who is all about education telling us “y’all need to make money, y’all need to do something with yall lives, you can’t just be doing all rapping stuff.” I have to prove to him that he didn’t waste his time when he took me in and when I was near homeless on the street. When Vince the Barber let me sleep in his barbershop when I had to stay in L.A. because I had to go to a meeting early in the morning.

I went through all this fucking pain you think I’m going to give up right now? And not have you muthafuckers in Toronto and around the world say “this guy story is incredible”.

The craziest thing about stories is nobody give a fuck about your story until you win.
So I say shit, I’m not stopping until I win and right now, FAILURE is my rookie card. I’m not done yet, I still got projects I’m coming with. I started my own business, my own company, expect me to pop up like the rent. You know the rent pops up every month. So expect me to pop up with something to lead some inspiration to where you want to go in your life.

That’s why I don’t quit. I don’t quit.

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