Jazz Cartier – Red Alert/100 Roses

jazz red alert

Last year I was out in Toronto with a group of friends and we saw a line up of people in front of the Red Bull Sound Select entrance. They said someone by the name of Jazz Cartier was playing along with Bas, so we decided to pay the three dollars and walked in to check out Bas. About two hours into the show and Bas‘ set finishes, Kardinal Offishall comes out of nowhere and people lose their minds. He gets on stage to present a new artists on the rise by the name of ‘Jazz Cartier‘. We knew nothing about this guy nor heard his music, although avid fans threw mosh pits and showed merciless love. Two months later, he comes out with a project titled ‘Marauding In Paradise‘, and since then, I’ve been hooked. In my opinion, Jazz easily released the best project of last year, closely alongside Lupe Fiasco‘s Tetsuo & Youth, as that album managed to rack up hundreds of plays on my phone. The production by Lantz and the hard-spitting, spazzing rap mixes perfectly together and orchestrated one of my favourite projects.
This year, after a short hiatus, Jazz comes out of the blue with a new project titled ‘Hotel Paranoia‘, and that too was stuck on repeat on my phone for over a month. Another immaculate project blessed with the production of Lantz and sinister raps of Jacuzzi. On that project, he had two outstanding songs titled Red Alert, and another titled 100 Roses, both of which have been incorporated into today’s virtual reality technology. Get lost with Jazz Cartier in a three sixty degree video that covers both songs and includes a behind the scenes video as well. In order to fully experience the video, you will need Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on a computer, or a smartphone/tablet that enables YouTube’s three sixty degree immersion. For a fully immersive experience, Virtual Reality headsets are the best option. Watch the video above complete with a car chase, drone cinematography and a sinister forest shoot, all in the mind of Jazz Cartier.