Kavale- Hold On

Toronto artist Kavale keeps on delivering that heat with his latest release, “Hold On.” If you’re not familiar, Kavale is one of the most versatile artists emerging out of the six side. When it comes to making music these days, listeners are looking for more than just a hot sixteen or a catchy hook. On any given track Kavale can hit you with a barrage of rhymes, or leave you awe struck with his vocal range.

Kavale released the audio for,”Hold On,” earlier this year and I’m glad that he decided to roll with a visual treatment to this powerful song. Kavale musically weaves beautiful vocals over a raw, gospel beat, giving us something that’s honest, soulful and real. The JACE directed short starts off in the heat of the moment as we see a young man at his wits end, with a loaded gun to his head. The single shot video pans us down to the mans girlfriend, who is frantically trying to make her way inside his house before it’s too late. Real talk, I legitimately got goosebumps the first time I watched this video, and had to re-play it several times.

With this song, Kavale is reaching out to his audience, letting them know that we all need to “hold on” to that one thing within us that gives us the strength, courage and motivation to go on and move forward. TCUS loves to bring it’s audience that feel good music, and this joint right here is that motivation you need if you’re ever down and out. Although this track is not currently on any project, Kavale is working on and upcoming project titled “Carpe Diem.” Be sure to check this video out, and as always, show some love in the comment section below.