Grant Chris – Big Brother


Something about the underground scene will always have a place in my heart. Maybe it’s the passion and love artists put into their music, or the genuine ambition that swims in their lyrics. Maybe it’s because they work their hardest on their own music without a massive team of people. Whatever it is, Grant Chris shows that the love and passion is very alive and well. Riding on the masterful production by Marc Majore & Juda, the Toronto rapper has been throwing punch after punch into the scene. With his latest addition titled Big Brother, Grant reflects on his absence amongst his family and the promises he has waiting for them. He knows his capabilities and what’s to come for him.

To me, Grant has his own sound, it differs greatly from many Toronto rappers but still stands out as melodic and lyrical at the same time, something we’ve needed for a while now. In my opinion, Grant sounds a lot like Russ mixed with Luke Christopher and that’s an incredible recipe. Check out his newest single below and keep your eyes peeled for what’s to come from Grant.