A l l i e – Move Like a Mystic


With an upcoming LP on the way this fall, A l l i e has blessed us with a new single sprinkled with the immaculate production of 2nd Son & The Kount titled Move Like a Mystic.
A l l i e recently spoke about her new song and had a lot to say, here’s her view on the title and the groove behind it all; A l l i e explains “This song came to me quick and easy, rose up in one fluid motion. Not all songs arrive that way. When it happens though, it’s a blessing. That’s when I’m doing my job of being an open channel and catching a flow. The message is simple: live deeply, break the chains, move freely. Move how you move when no ones watching. Move the way love makes you move. Move like a mystic”

Check out the song below or make a trip to her new website here, and keep your eyes peeled for her new LP coming this fall!