Royce da 5’9”: Everything boils down to consistency

royce on tcus

Our special guest for The Come Up Show podcast this week is Royce da 5’9″ aka NICKEL! I caught up with him in Toronto on his Canadian tour promoting the latest album Layers. We talked about his creative process, the importance of discipline and why everything boils down to consistency.

I make music the way I like to watch movies
I make very edgy music. I make music the way I like to watch movies. You’d be hard pressed to get me to watch a movie that doesn’t have some kind of violence, sex scene, and humour. It’s what I like.
It doesn’t mean that I’m going out to kill somebody but I might I get on a record and talk about shooting somebody in an entertaining way. I like to put the positivity in the universe to balance things out. I’m approaching like it’s entertainment and that’s just I’m rapping to be rapping. When I’m rapping introspective, I keep it as genuine as possible. It’s all truth.

Everything boils down to consistency…You have to be consistent in everything that you do. If you do something good and it’s being received well you follow it up with something good or better. Don’t leave one thing just out there and then when you get outside of the booth you gotta be consistent there. The way you treat people. I can’t treat you one way while doing this interview and as soon as you hit stop on the record I start treating you like a piece of shit. That is not consistent.

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