Skratch Bastid ft. Shad – Limoncello

Limoncello - Skratch Bastid ft. Shad

And we out chyea, luxurious limoncello’s what we about chyea.”

Get ready to have those words stuck in your head all summer. Skratch Bastid and Shad have reunited to bring us Limoncello, which is an early contender for song of the summer.

Limoncello is Skratch Bastid and Shad at their very best. Shad flows seamlessly over the horn-heavy beat and shows that even in an all white linen suit, the competition’s pale in comparison. With it’s brass instrumentation and skratch-ing, Limoncella is sure to evoke memories of A Good Name.

If you want to drink a luxurious limoncello with Shad, he’s performing at The Mod Club on Friday at 7PM.