Jazz Cartier – Lil Wayne

lil wayne

It’s been four months since Jazz Cartier has blessed us with any new music. His last project, Hotel Paranoia was easily one of my favourite albums of the year, and his short hiatus felt simply too long for me. Although he’s been busy throwing shows all over Canada these past few months, he’s still been hard at work putting together what sounds to be the hardest songs that Rap has seen lately, and that statement holds true with his latest release alongside the immaculate Lantz. From his mom’s basement in Toronto, all the way to sold out shows all over the world, Lantz has proven himself to be one of the most recognizable producers out of Toronto in recent years. All of this perfectionism has come together once again with Jazz in paying homage to his favourite artist Lil Wayne. With a song titled the same as his name, it was no surprise to see Lil Wayne himself send out a tweet to Jazz and Lantz giving them props for their incredible work.

Starting off with a short clip of Lil Wayne explaining his roots of Rap, and carrying us through a heavy hitting beat alongside some of Jazz’s nastiest wordplay to date, Lantz’s production and Jazz’s vocals have never sounded better, and ofcourse, the proprietary “Lantz, is that you?” portion that gives Lantz a few seconds to truly flex his production skills. As a huge fan myself of this immaculate duo, I never doubt their work for a second and I promise they’re only getting better. Check the song out below and give Lantz and Jazz a follow on Twitter to keep up with their work.